character is destiny !

Prince Charming, nobility, the fun-loving, creative entrepreneur or adventurer or those, looking for their SOULMATES


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Luxury Companion & Escort in Naples, Fort Myers & Sarasota

The Crème de la Crème, who considers themselves as fortunate, to meet an fascinating, extravagant, interesting, colorful, sensual siren, a woman with star potential and limitless fascinating life experience stories, most people couldn’t imagine I’m their wildest dream, a bestseller nomination!

Hello there, I am Anik, a warm-hearted, sexy an seductive vixen!

Original, refined, sophisticated, elegant, glamorous, exciting, worldly, generous and extremely pleasant and fun, a MAGNET!
I was born as the only child from a privileged family in East Berlin with German, French and Ukrainian descent. Born on the day of the French Revolution, 14th of July, bastilleday, that explains eventually my independent, free-spirited character.

Because I am very adventurous, talented and I love challenges, I already lived successfully in four different countries. smiley

For only ten years I lived in Manhattan, New York, where I was discovered by my Agency as a multi-talent in the entertaining industry.

But my unique beauty and my lively, free-spirited, sensitive personality didn’t get along with power-hungry, controlling, not very attractive and pleasant producers or managers I was supposed to sell my soul out to.

Also because of my talents, inspiring myself, working alone and showing a lot of discipline and determination, I became a fitness model, covered in sports magazines and did some dance videos for musicians as well.

I even was supposed to do a dance video for Michael Jackson, believe it or not! But it couldn’t happen, he left planet Earth suddenly.

I also was named “MOST POPULAR HOSTESS OF MANHATTAN” in 2006.

Later, in 2014 I was involved in some movie rolls.

This information is only to explain you a bit the value and potential of my person.

I also have a variety of hobbies and interests, for example all kinds of sports, not to look, to do!

Art, design, I collect art and jewelry, philosophy, astrology.

My zodiac sign is Cancer, my ascendant is Gemini and as for my Chinese sign, I am a Tiger. Another one is history and I help animals in need, I also donate money for them.

I love film, music and celebrities, fine dining, dancing, singing and make people laugh, what makes me happy.

I love cats, had two of them, two boys of course! smiley

But they passed away!

I am 5.6 feet tall, fitted with green eyes and I have a refined, elegant face. Men stopped me to tell me I look like Angelina Jolie (with a mysterious, erotic aura).

I am comfortable to meet with the international, influential crowd.

If you are that man who is not intimidated to meet an amorous, witty, eloquent, well-educated, beautiful, warm-hearted, erotic, sensual and multi-talented companion who impressed already many celebrities, I will be glad to meet you soon!

I will enhance your spare time and show you the sweet sides of life! smiley

Because of my unique combination of taste, elegance, experience, genuine sensuality, coupled with an old soul and young spirit all in one person you will be proud to have me by your side, because I will satisfy your deepest fantasies!

With love, Anik heart

Thanks, Anik

Please leave a message, or call again if I dont pick up!